About Louth and District Concert Society

Not a single year has passed, in the last 80, in which the society has not brought live classical music to the people of Louth and the surrounding villages. Even during the two year pandemic we managed it, if only by a hair’s breadth!

The objects of LDCS are somewhat formally phrased in its 1940s-sounding constitution but – put more simply – it is to entertain through concerts that embrace the whole spectrum of classical music: Elizabethan via Baroque to the Romantic and Modern; and take in just about every instrument (including the wonderful human one of song) ever invented – piano; string; woodwind and brass, and (something of a innovation) electronic.

We endeavour to cater for every taste and age group. We can offer complimentary tickets to young people. We are serious but not solemn and we hope we project a friendly image. Come along – meet people and mix, discuss likes and dislikes and hear great music.

And, if you want to ensure that LDCS can continue to do all this, you can assist as well. We welcome help and participation.

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